Nigeria’s Pilgrimage Into Unseriousness

By Achilleus-Chud Uchegbu

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Police could not manage traffic despite having a Traffic Division and we created FRSC. The problem got worse.

Police could not manage drug crimes we created NDLEA and it worsened. 

Police failed to manage financial crimes despite having a Financial Crimes Department we created EFCC and the story is…

Police could not effectively handle corruption issues and we created ICPC. That one started snoring from Day 1.

Police could not secure pipelines against vandals. We created Civil Defence. Now, pipeline vandals are on a roll.

Governors could not pay salaries because they mismanaged state funds. In response, we have bailout and later, Paris refund. The matter got worse.

Kogi workers complained against Captain Wada. They got a Yahya as saviour. Now, they are begging Buhari for food aid.

Police could not manage youth protests. We sent in the military and dead bodies litter the streets.

Nigeria Airports Authority could not manage our airports. We created FAAN and they never became better.

Nigeria Airways coukd not function properly. We liquidated it and promised a new national carrier. Now, we are looking to hijack Arik. 

Nigeria had no farms. We created Operation Feed the Nation (OFN). Now, we have Obasanjo Farms Nigeria (OFN).

The four regions could not work. We created 12 states in their stead. The 12 did not work we made it 19. When the 19 failed we made it 36. Now we are completely confused not knowing if to restructure or not.

When Shagari’s government could not address issues, we welcomed Maj. Gen. Buhari. We wept afterwards.

When Jonathan’s government was fumbling and wobbling, we welcome Buhari again. We are weeping again.

May the juju that has afflicted us never fair well…

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