NimbleTV Lets You Watch Your TV From Anywhere In The World — And Now It’s Free

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NimbleTVIf you already pay for a cable subscription, there’ better way view your favorite shows the go than NimbleTV.

NimbleTV is a free cloud-based streaming service that lets New York and Chicago residents stream live TV their favorite devices, regardless where they are.

Previously, the service unavailable in Chicago, and customers needed pay about $5 a month for a DVR setup.

The company’ philosophy is that if you’re already paying for a cable subscription, you should be able to sign in and watch the content that you’re already paying for any device you wish, and in any country.

The best part? just works, and you can use practically any device. You can stream NimbleTV your computer, iPad, iPhone, Android phone, Roku, and Apple TV.

The streaming service isn’t affiliated with any cable company, but you will have to sign in with a cable subscription tied to a physical address in New York or Chicago, though CEO Anand Subramanian told Business Insider that there are to expand to 9 cities by the end the year.

Once you sign in, you’ll be greeted by a carousel the same channels you’d see on your home TV.

You can browse your available channels, peruse your favorites, or search for a specific channel or show. Like most TV menus, you can keep watching a show in the upper right-hand corner while you explore the channel guide.

Scrolling through your subscribed channels is similar to browsing your TV guide. If a show is airing, you can stream right then and there, but you’ll also see what will be airing throughout the day.[eap_ad_2]

NimbleTV lets you watch things in full-screen, but there’ plenty of other options to mimic the traditional TV experience.

You can surf through channels using the blue arrow buttons at the bottom of your screen, or you can tap the “Menu” button to bring up a sidebar with options to navigate to your channels or recordings.

NimbleTV itself is free for existing cable subscribers, but if you to record programs for later viewing, you’ll need a cable subscription that includes DVR storage or subscribe to one of NimbleTV’s own HD-DVR storage , which start at $4.99 a month for 10 hours of recording .

Recording shows is a breeze, and you can choose to start recording at a moment’s notice or schedule a recording. There’s even the option to record single episodes, only new episodes, or all episodes.

Once a show has been recorded, you can watch at your leisure from any device, even if you’re in another country. ’s a great option for college to bring their family’s cable plan with them to campus without having to buy a new plan.

If you live in the New York Metro area, you can use NimbleTV for free if you subscribe to Cablevision, Verizon FiOS, Warner, or RCN. NimbleTV just rolled out service to Chicago as well, but you’ll need to have a cable subscription with Comcast Xfinity or AT-T -verse. (Business Insider)[eap_ad_3]