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NIPOST to back FG National Addressing Policy


ABUJA- The Nigerian Postal Service (NIPOST) says it is working on the realisation and implementation of digitalized postcodes and Address Verification System (AVS) for Nigeria in line with Federal Government’s National Addressing Policy.

Mr Sunday Adepoju, the Post Master General(PMG)/CEO of NIPOST, who stated this on Thursday at a media briefing in Abuja added that the project, when completed, will upgrade general connectivity and communication.

He said that NIPOST had embarked on a transformative endeavor that focuses not only on the digital evolution of postcodes but also on the concept of National Address Verification.

The PMG sad: “NIPOST is embracing digital transformation to elevate operational efficiency in a world where digital solutions and data utilisation have taken center stage, involving leading postal operators.

“Notably, numerous developed countries, including certain African nations had integrated digital postcodes as a pivotal element of their postal modernization endeavors.’’

Adepoju said that the feasibility and efficacy of digitizing postcodes was achieved and successful through unwavering collaboration.

“Our journey towards the implementation of this platform was not sudden; it was meticulously planned and carefully executed.

“It commenced with rigorous pre-field data training, collection by empowering our committed workforce with the essential skills and knowledge required for this undertaking.

“Our teams worked hand in hand with esteemed partners, including the National Population Commission (NPC) NASRDA, OSGOF, various government agencies, and other esteemed collaborators,’’ he said.

Adepoju said the digital postcode initiative, if rolled out, would revolutionize the services provided by NIPOST especially in revenue generation and address challenges associated with ‘Know Your Customer (KYC)’.

He also said the project would roll out a standardized process to ensure utmost accuracy and reliability in confirming and validating addresses and their occupants throughout the nation.

“ The National Digital Alpha-Numeric Postcode System is an initiative that has the potential to significantly improve nationwide service delivery, enhance security, and generate revenue for NIPOST and other government agencies.

“It also has far reaching benefits for public and private sector, including crime prevention, identity fraud reduction, emergency services coordination, border control, e-commerce, data collection, financial inclusion, healthcare access, tourism and culture, education, job creation,’’ he said.

NAN reports that the digital Postcode, which is Alphanumeric, will function as a geocode, facilitating the direct identification of geographical units.

This project, which will be rolled out in October will empower data and geographic agencies to accommodate forthcoming urban development and expansion. (NAN)

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