Nnamdi Kanu Attacks Bola Tinubu Ahead of 2023 Presidential Election

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have been called upon reject the candidature of All Progressives national leader, in 2023.

The call made by , leader of the Indigenous of , IPOB, Wednesday as he attacked the candidature of the APC leader.

He said should reject the presidential ambition of as he warned Nigeria will be doomed if Tinubu is allowed sail through with his presidential ambition.

The IPOB leader issued the warning in a statement he signed personally.

In the statement, the separatist leader also insisted referendum.

“If fails drive away this Fulani army of darkness from forests, as #ESN is now gallantly doing in the East, the whole of land or what is left of after the loss of Illorin the caliphate will be lost the Fulani conquistadors forever.

“Remember how they took Illorin from you. Don’t allow history to repeat itself.

“Reject Tinubu presidential ambitions or else you are doomed. Insist #REFERENDUM,” the statement read.