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Nobody will drive you away, Uzodinma assures northerners


Imo Governor Hope Uzodinma has assured the northern community residing in Imo of government’s protection always, saying they are part and parcel of the State.

“This is where you live. This is where you do your business. You are stakeholders in Imo State. Sit in your house and defend yourself and protect your house. Nobody will drive you away,” he said.

He spoke during a meeting with the leadership of the Northern community at the Government House Owerri over the weekend.

The leadership of the Northern community said they had come to pay a solidarity visit to Uzodimma and to solicit his continuous support in the face of recent pockets of insecurity affecting them.

Uzodimma, who told the northerners they are taxpayers in Imo State, admonished them not to be “tenants in your house,” adding “once you are here doing your business you are from Imo State.”

The Governor told them that “every protection or support I can give to the Igbo man from Imo State I will also give to a northerner who is in Imo State.”

He reminded them that they voted for him overwhelmingly and government has a programme that will help them live well and conduct their businesses properly.

He told them that government has taken note of the development in their habitation and assured them that it will not happen again

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“This government has no time for nonsense. Don’t go for self- help. Government will help you. No arrangement by any person or group will be stronger than that of government.

“All we need from you is information. Pray for the souls of those who lost their lives,” the Governor said.

Uzodimma, who thanked the leaders of the northern community for their maturity and understanding of the events happening in Imo State of late, noted the development has nothing to do with herdsmen but the “conspiracy of some blood thirsty and greedy political leaders from the state working to ensure that state of emergency is declared in Imo State.

“They want to create impression that the people are fighting the northerners. But unfortunately their plans did not work and will not work. Blood means nothing to them and that is the difference between them and us.”


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