Nollywood actress seeks use of police stations, courts as locations for movie producers

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Lagos   –  A renowned Nollywood actress, Kate Henshaw, has appealed to the relevant authorities make public places like police stations, court rooms and even the National Theatre accessible for movie producers to use as locations.

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Henshaw made the call in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Tuesday, in Lagos.

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“If I want a shot a feature film in a police station, I should be able to have access from just talking to the DPO, and you will read my script.

“You will see the day I come to shoot; it’s for nation-building; it’s to promote the nation and to show that we have a good police force

“It’s matter of permission, don’t ask me for money, yes, I am going to make money from it, but also what is your contribution to that?

“May be, there is a stipend I will give you but not that you will charge me for using the court, for using the police station,for using the National Theatre which is supposed to support the arts.’’


Henshaw also called for the revival of stage plays in the moribund National Theatre at Iganmu,Lagos, through massive rehabilitation of the facility and promotion of the plays to be on stage on specific occasions.

“Stage plays are for me the best, that’s what I love the most, being part of a stage play.

“ We need to revive this National Theatre, this is our glory, it is like going to the theatre in the UK; people book tickets in advance, people go to a hotel they stay for the weekend; what is showing?

“There are stage plays that have been showing for years, Lion King, the Phantom of the Opera, they have been showing for years they are still showing people are still going.

“So what is wrong with us?

“There is no money; the facilities are not really encouraging for people.

“The Muson Centre is not a theatre, it’s not! It’s just a space for the Musical Society of Nigeria to have their musical activities it’s not a theatre.

“All the things that are needed to make a play desirous to people who watch it, is not there.

“So, we need to revive this National Theater, make it something everybody wants to come back to.

“I remember as a young child coming to watch Hubert Ogunde’s movies here in the National Theatre, so what is wrong?” (NAN)

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