Home Politics Non-inclusion of Nigerian women in political sphere causes unstable growth – ANWBN

Non-inclusion of Nigerian women in political sphere causes unstable growth – ANWBN



LAGOS- The Association of Nigerian Women Business Network (ANWBN), a Non Governmental Organisation (NGO), says non-inclusion of Nigerian women in political sphere causes unstable growth.

The women made the assertion at its political panel session during its conference in Lagos on Thursday.

A panelist, Mrs Ifeyinwa Omowole, the immediate past President of Nigeria Association of Women Journalist (NAWOJ), said that it was high time women began to change the narratives.

Omowole said that if women were not elected, they could be selected or appointed.

She said that not much was being talked about women inclusion, gender mainstreaming, women in trade, agriculture among others.

“It is now time for women to stand up and ask what Nigerian leaders are going to do for them and move  away from the era of clapping and dancing.”

According to her, women should move to the era of signing agreements and Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) as well as asking questions on the place and positions that women are going to take up in a particular government.

Another panelist, Babara Langley, Director, Center for Women’s Economic Empowerment, U. S.  said that women should ensure that governments are inclusive in governance and policies.

According to Langley, women should get involved and participate in politics in order to effect the desired change that they clamour for.

She said that women could not change the system without their getting involved and that courage was required to effect such impactful changes.

Another panelist, Dr Janet Adeyemi, National President, Women in Mining, said that Nigerian women should learn to consolidate rather than splitting into units.

Adeyemi advised  women  to consolidate themselves with brilliant and great minds for them not  be pulled off.

Another panelist, Abosede George-Ogan, Founder, Women in Leadership Advancement Network (WILAN), said that women and children were always at the losing side of bad governance.

George-Ogan emphasised that there would not be economic empowerment without women political empowerment.

She said that men used violence as tool against their opponent (male or female) but evidence has shown that women use compassion and empathy which are leadership strengths.

She, therefore, urged women to vote for leaders who would secure them.

Dr Joke Akinseye, a Politician, urged women to participate more in politics.

“Women are bold, strong and accountable.

“They are not competing with the men but asking for inclusion,” she said.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that the ANWBN session was moderated by Mrs Toun Okewale of Women’s Radio  and it had the theme, ‘Women Connect, Innovate, Inspire, Influence”. (NAN)

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