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‘Northern leaders can solve insulgency problem in the North if they want to do that’


Alhaji Sidi AbubakarBy Balarabe Alkassim

Alhaji Sidi Abubakar is a chieftain of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in the Federal Capital Territory. He says the solution to the insurgency in the North lies in the hands of northern leaders. Excerpts:

Question: Some including a former president have said that Jonathan is promoting ethnic and religious differences and developing the South-South and South-East than other zones. Is that fair to other regions?

Answer: I disagree with that. Since he came on board is there any law he created stating that one geo-political zone or group must have something while others should not have it? He met the laws of the country and has been working with them. He did not create ministry of Niger- Delta, amnesty programme, 13 percent derivation for oil producing states, among others. Is it wrong for him to implement these programmes he met?

Q: It seems the volume of ethnic and religious killings under Jonathan’s administration is more than that of any other administration in this country, why?

A: Some people had said if Jonathan won the 2011 election they will make this country ungovernable for him. I know people are dying but how many people died during Modakeke crises, Tafawa Balewa, Zango Kataf one and two or Odi? Let me tell you if Goodluck goes today and another leader comes tomorrow, they will say Goodluck is better than him. All these groups Odua People’s Congress, Niger-Delta militants, Bakassi, Egbesu, Maitasine have come and gone it is now Boko Haram and their crisis did not erupt during Jonathan’s administration. Ethnicity started before Jonathan came on board.

Q: Can’t he eliminate it since one of his primary responsibilities as a leader is ensuring unity and security? [eap_ad_2] A: He is trying his best to tackle the situation. Most of these killings are taking place in the north. But from number two to seven of the top or most powerful positions in the country are held by northerners. The second in command is a northerner from the North-west, third is from North-central, fourth in command is a northerner from North-west, fifth is a northerner from North east, sixth is also from Northeast and the seventh position which is held by the Inspector General of Police is also held by a northerner from the North-west. The Minister of Defence is from the North-west, the National Security Adviser is also from the North, the Chief Justice of the Federation is also from the North. So also the President Court of Appeal. If today northern leaders decide to end the issue of insecurity and insurgency in the north, it will end that same week. The solution to the problem of insecurity in northern Nigeria is in the hands of northern leaders.

Q: Do you think Jonathan has done enough to address unemployment especially in the northern states?

Unemployment is a worldwide problem. Ninety percent of factories in northern states are closed down and many northern leaders don’t want to bring out their money to invest and revive them. Go to the South- east, you will see many industries there. The same thing applies to the south-west. Individuals from there have invested and created job opportunities for their people. Goodluck is not the problem but the northern elites. Government can only come in to assist. If you go to the places of quite a number of people from the north who are saying we disagree on allocations or derivation especially those who have ruled this country before, you will see that they have not put any structure in place by which even 20 youths can benefit or have their daily bread.

Q: Some say Jonathan made an agreement to serve one term….

A: If there is any such agreement they should bring out the document and show all of us. If he made that promise on the basis that they will support him, they also failed in their part of the bargain. They broke their promise first because they and their supporters did not vote for Jonathan during the primaries. More so the constitution allows him to contest.[eap_ad_3]

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