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Norway extends border controls until November


Stockholm – Norway says it is extending temporary border checks till November, citing terrorism concerns and the need to keep proper tabs on migrants.

Joran Kallmyr, the Minister of Justice and Immigration said on Monday that the six-month extension mirrors similar moves by Nordic neighbours Denmark and Sweden, as well as by Austria and Germany

Oslo informed the European Commission on Friday of its decision.

“One of the most important tasks for me and the government is to protect the country from terrorism,’’ he added.

The tighter border checks in Norway affect arrivals by ferry from Denmark, Germany and Sweden.

Report says Norway is not a member of the European Union; however, is part of the Schengen zone that allows passport-free travel, without border checks, across 26 countries.

The Scandinavian country introduced border checks in the wake of the large influx of migrants to Europe in 2015. (dpa/NAN)

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