NYSC engenders unity, integration among Nigerians –DG

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– The Director- of  NYSC, Brig.-Gen. Johnson Olawunmi, said Wednesday that the  had engendered and integration since its inception.
Olawunmi said this at the News Agency of (NAN) Forum .
He said that the establishment of after the civil order foster national and guard against the reccurrence of the unfortunate conflict.
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“When the established 40 years ago we felt that one of the things we needed do put things in place that will engender and integration and that one of the main reasons the scheme established.
“Without any doubt, we all know that we have achieved a lot as far as integration is concerned. Compare the 70, you see people who have gone to serve their fatherland engaging in inter-tribal marriages.
 “ be, somebody from the North has gone to serve in the -East and he married from there and built a life there.
“So, I want Nigerians to disregard suggestions in some quarters that there is a problem in , no, is a great country.[eap_ad_2] 
“If we continue to do things that will bring unity, we will only be helping to attain the greatness we all desire.’’
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Olawunmi said that there were reports that corps after completing their mandatory one-year service remained at their stations to establish their private owned hospitals.
He also said inter- tribal marriages within the corps members had been the increase, noting that these were initially not possible.
“We have done enough to achieve unity in Nigeria; in the early 70, even in Yoruba land, it was practically impossible for you to see an man going to marry somebody from Ijebu. But these days nobody seems to bother.
“So, we have done a lot as far as integration and national unity is concerned.’’ (NAN)[eap_ad_3]