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NYSC Member Ordered By Red CDS Supervisor To Kneel Down As Punishment In Jos – Photo


Nigerians have reacted after a National Youth Service Corps member was seen kneeling down as punishment after being ordered to do so by a Red Cross CDS supervisor.

The incident happened at Jos North NYSC secretariat in Plateau state.

Nigerians have condemned the act saying that the NYSC scheme has become a joke and avenue to mock and humiliate graduates who must have spent several years in the university all in the same of serving their fatherland.

See comments below:

thephenomenal_girl: Hian! For wetin na? Naija is a real joke. After all these nonsense, graduates would still be roaming the whole street looking for a job. When una no dey mad.

kissmo4luv: I’ll rather have extended service year

sunana_kaffy: CDs supervisor not even LI????

djgoddenco: Be loyal for d 33k my brother

festus_jazz: Imagine that guy now become president or governor hmm

peacesession_harmony: Its a normal thing na!

foodhouse_ng: Sorry bro but all na service to your nation

blenard_mooney: All this kind thing Dey vex person. Naw all this aboki place this things fit happen. Crazy people in the crazy.

lit_newz :”When fear is misunderstood for respect this is what you get. Many Nigerians don’t understand the very thin line that stands between fear and respect. What we call respect is actually fear, and as a result the average Nigeria youth has been stripped off his self confidence and dignity. Let’s be honest, why will anybody be asked to kneel or seat on the floor as a means of discipline if we really claim to be civilized??? All these are symptoms of SLAVERY SYNDROMES that Nigerians carry from generations to generations. SLAVES and MASTERS relationship is all that has engulf the Banana Republic called Nigeria.


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