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NYSC Scandal: Kemi Adeosun should be prosecuted, not Praised, By Farooq Kperogi


ABUJA (Sundiata Post) I am mystified that any sensible person would praise former Finance Minister Kemi Adeosun for resigning her position several days after being exposed by Premium Times to have forged her NYSC exemption certificate. She didn’t resign because she had any honor; she resigned because of sustained pressure from us.

Most importantly, though, she committed forgery, which is a criminal offense in our laws for which everyday people go to jail every time in Nigeria. In my July 21, 2018 column titled “Between Adeosun’s Forged NYSC Certificate and Ayodele James’ Fake ICAN Certificate,” I pointed to the blatant judicial double standard in jailing a lowly civil servant by the name of Ayodele James who forged an ICAN certificate to move up the civil service ladder and leaving untouched Kemi Adeosun who also forged an NYSC exemption certificate without which she would never be a minister.

I said, “But let this be known: No nation that punishes its poor and protects its powerful for the same offense can endure… For every second that James remains in jail while Adeosun, Edozien, and Obono-Obla not only walk free but live off the fat of the land even when they committed the same offense as he, the very foundation of Nigeria chips off. A nation whose foundation comes off piecemeal as a result of blatant, in-your-face judicial double standard will sooner or later give way.”

Praising Kemi Adeosun for resigning her position as minister is akin to praising a thief who reluctantly confessed to being a thief AFTER he was caught stealing. Kemi Adeosun should return all the money she earned from Nigeria from the time she was commissioner in Ogun State up until September 14 when she resigned her position as minister. (That was what Ayodele James was compelled to do by the court). After that, she should be prosecuted and jailed like Ayodele James. That would be justice.

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