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O.A. Abraham’s Writing Excellent Articles for Conferences & Journals (2): Preface


Education is about learning, communicating knowledge through persons or groups for impact making and total transformation of lives. The places for formal and informal education, traditional and online learning, as well as blended learning and other forms knowledge acquisition have made several avenues possible for everyone to develop his or herself from point A to B or even up to level Z.

Irrespective of where you live on earth, the same programs of education are open to you; whether you are young or advanced in age, male or female, people of every stratum, ethnic groups, and educational backgrounds are receiving similar knowledge through academics. Education has helped to prepare people for what matters most in life. The education we receive in school transforms us into clearer thinkers, to act wisely, and communicate more effectively. While listening is also an important factor in learning, it can also influence a person’s prospects for better positioning and balance in life if adequately applied.

It takes a whole lot of hard work with learners on one hand and teachers on the other side, to prepare and keep delivering these, even as discoveries and knowledge keep increasing. As knowledge increases per day, students, faculty members of institutions, corporate players, and researchers seek more opportunities to cross-pollinate ideas through journals and conferences. I have just arrived from Europe where I presented a paper in a conference and have a lineup of conferences to speak across Spain, Greece, USA, Canada and other places and have seen from experience that the global hall for knowledge is really expanding by the day. 

Masters and Doctorate students, upcoming lecturers, researchers and Professors meet often times to carryout academic works and to present ideas, results from findings and proffer and solutions to problems. However, many upcoming researchers are still yet to understand what it takes to start and complete their papers. 

You may be one of those thinking about how to create time, to put ‘sheets’ together, write, present or publish your articles. You may be thinking if your points, ideas or ideology will make sense or be relevant to the field of knowledge or not. One thing I can assure you of this – No one is a reservoir of knowledge. No one on earth knows it all. Knowledge is in parts, phases and always evolving. 

In order to fully benefit from the sound advice provided in this book, students/researchers must make personal effort to study more materials and leverage on every opportunity to apply this on international platforms. This textbook is also a workbook. When you read important points that you feel will help you, underline them. Use the generous margins to write down practical points that you learn from the book. 

Beware that your mind may be crowded with anxieties. Noise and movements may pose some distractions to you. Physical discomfort may make also make it difficult for to concentrate. Commitments, appointments and activities on the other side are positive things, which may also deter you from focusing on this book. However, time is of essence and I advise you to create it and navigate through part of every page of this 

This book is very easy to read and will aid you in expressing, writing journals or making presentations more effectively and in becoming more qualified at that.

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