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OAN, partners urge Tinubu to appoint qualified Nigerians in diaspora


New YORK- The Organisation for the Advancement of Nigerians (OAN), along with its partner organisations in the US has called on President Bola Tinubu to appoint qualified Nigerians in the diaspora into his government.

Mr Olayinka Dan-Salami, the Chairman, Board of OAN, in a letter signed on behalf of 20 Nigerian organisations,  said that Nigerians were hopeful that his administration would bring succour to the people.

In a letter written to the president, Dan-Salami expressed optimism that Nigerians in the diaspora were willing to contribute their quota to their homeland.

“As you embark on the arduous task to put together the men and women who will assist you to return Nigeria to her glorious days, we are appealing to you to consider the many qualified Nigerians in the diaspora, “ he said


He urged the president to consider appointing qualified Nigerians in the diaspora because of their strategic importance to the development of the nation.

According to Dan-Salami, there are capable and available diaspora personalities that OAN and its partners can refer to critical positions, especially offices that required international collaborations and relationships.

“Nigerians are the brain thrust of many successful large corporations and industries in the United States, United Kingdom and other parts of the world.

“Many of them are C-level executives in these large establishments that are responsible for managing the critical aspects of the economy of their host countries,“ he said.

Dan-Salami said OAN was ready to assist in identifying complementary talents that could contribute to the Tinubu administration.

He said as Africa’s largest democracy and economy, Nigeria’s president must lead other African leaders to prove to their citizens and the world that democracy could deliver their age-long yearnings for good governance.

“Again, our group is prepared to work with your administration to realise a more prosperous, secure, and resilient Nigeria.

“We are willing to assist you, Mr. President, to identify those qualified Nigerians in areas such as education, health, law and technology, who share your visions and goals for Nigerians and will work diligently to make your dream for a better Nigeria a reality.

Dan-Salami said the “exceptionally talented“ diasporans could also serve in advisory capacity in your new administration.

“We are not unaware of the heavy burdens that you have inherited, impoverished citizenry, a fractured nation, a battered economy, a debased currency, an insecure nation, unbridled corruption and unmatched policy somersaults.

“Despite these obvious challenges, we believe that you possess the uncanny ability to take Nigeria out of her unenviable recent past and put it on a pedestal,’’ he said.

In addition, Dan-Salami said that Nigerians were very hopeful that his administration would bring the much-needed relief to the poor, women and the youth in Nigeria and in the diaspora. (NAN)

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