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Obama imposes new sanctions on those threatening Libya’s peace, stability


Washington –  U.S. President Barack Obama has issued a new executive order authorising the imposition of sanctions on individuals and entities who threaten the peace, security, and stability of Libya.
John Kirby, spokesperson of the UN State Department said in a statement issued to the press on Wednesday.
“This executive order allows the U.S. to take action against those who seek to obstruct, undermine, delay or impede the political transition to the Libyan Government of National Accord.
“Also those who threaten the peace, security, or stability of Libya through the supply of arms or related material,” he said.
Kirby said that the president took this action in support of Libya’s Government of National Accord.
“The U.S. stands with as we’ve said before, Prime Minister al-Sarraj’s government as it begins their important work in Tripoli and continues to implement the Libyan political agreement to build a better future for the Libyan people.
“Following Tuesday’s authorisation, the Department of Treasury designated Khalifa Ghawil for being responsible for and complicit in certain activities outlined in this executive order.
“We’re going to continue to consider other actions, as appropriate, under this executive order,” he said.
The U.S. encouraged all Libyans to continue facilitating a peaceful handover of power so that Libya’s new leaders can begin the hard work of restoring stability to their country.
Libya’s Presidency Council arrived in Tripoli on March 30 in spite opposition by some groups.
The European Union on Monday commended the courage and determination of Prime Minister Fayez Serraj, the other members of the Presidency Council and supporting actors on the ground.
“This move helps pave the way for the effective government of the country by the Government of National Accord (GNA) and for addressing the needs of the Libyan people,” said a statement of the European Council’s conclusions on Libya.
According to the statement, the success of the GNA will depend on the collective efforts and cooperation of the Libyan people and their leaders. (PANA/NAN)

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