Ogun Commissioner, Accused Of Attempted R*pe, Resigns From Office

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According to PREMIUM TIMES, Abiodun Abdul-Balogun, The Ogun for Environment who was accused attempted by a teenager January has secretly resigned his government.

Abiodun Abdul-Balogun has also coerced the the victims not to testify against him court, an action has stopped police and the ’s department public prosecutions proceeding with the matter, sources said.

The accused did not deny when our correspondent confronted him with our findings. He simply pleaded the matter be laid to rest.

How it started

A 16-year school , Barakat Melojuekun, accused Mr Abdul-Balogun, of attempting to her his residence on December 31, 2020.

She alleged the fondled her breasts while reciting incantations, apparently to scare her. She also said her screams forced Mr Abdul-Balogun to jump off her and offer her N2,000 to shut .

Mr Abdul-Balogun had offered her a lift, lobbied to get her telephone number, and promised to get her a job as a computer operator. Rather getting the job, she claimed she was molested.

The teenager said she reported the case to her parents who escalated it to the police.

As expected, the police on January 1, 2021, invited the to Abigi Police Station for interrogation.

During this period, the only defence Mr Abdul-Balogun pulled was that he was being set by his political opponents.
The allegations against the commissioner elicited outrage on social media and many Nigerians called for his removal and prosecution.