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Okeke, Governorship Aspirant to Anchor Anambra on ICT, People

•Chief Ugochukwu Okeke

AWKA – Chief Ugochukwu Okeke, the youthful and charismatic governorship aspirant for the Anambra governorship election, has said he will tap from the best brains in the state to run the first knowledge driven state in Nigeria.

According to him, Nigeria and indeed the third world having missed the industrial revolution would rely on Anambra State for new primary source of wealth creation when he is elected.

Chief Okeke, said that Anambra State is blessed with some of the finest brains in the information and technology world and that if he is elected, he will harness these brains to provide better life for Ndi-Anambra.

A frontline grassroots politician in Ananmbra and former governorship, believes that there is no limit to human imagination and is glad the Anambra state is richly blessed especially with men and women at home and Diaspora flying the continent’s flag high.

Fondly called Enyioha for his  infectious style of touching lives,  Chief Okeke, said Anambra state do not need to run but must cheetah-pole-vault to reap the benefits of ICT and human resources that abound in the state.

Chief Okeke who hopes to pick the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) ticket for the forthcoming election urged Ndi-Anambra to keep their hopes burning in spite of the ruinous cloud of bad governance that has enveloped the state over the past few years, leaving critical infrastructure in tatters and rural communities in adverse neglect, that the state can still be redeemed.

 “Perhaps there has never been anytime in the history of this state that the consequences of our decision to choose who to lead us as governor will be weightier, more dramatic and consequential. Our state is standing on the threshold of history, we are on the verge and all socioeconomic indicators have taken a huge plunge amidst the huge potentials our State is endowed with”, Chief Okeke said

According to Chief Okeke “We cannot afford to gamble with the choice of who picks the ticket of our party as the task of redeeming our State from the present quagmire is an arduous one. It therefore behoves on our party to build a workable consensus and effective synergy to tackle the chronic leadership failure that has befallen us.” 

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