Okun group: we want to leave the North

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The Okun-Yoruba speaking people of have said they wish to opt- of the northern political zone and boundary descriptions.

They stated their separation from their kith and kin in Ondo, and Kwara states amount to an infringement on their right to self-determination, hence their desire to be reunited the people of the Southwest.

They spoke the aegis of Okun Liberty Advocacy (OLA), on Sunday, after their meeting in Aiyetoro-Gbede, in Ijumu Local Area of .


President of the group, Chief Emmanuel Otitoju, who said the group has studied the current situation of the country, said they desire a referendum the proposed constitutional , by the National , as well as protection of the minority groups as observed in South Africa.

“We have studied and aligned the positions of the Okun Development Association’s (ODA) memorandum sent to the National for a constitutional and restructuring.

“And, our positions are as follows: our separation from our kith and kin in the Southwest has inhibited our growth and development for a tortuous century thus far. We, therefore, demand the boundary be readjusted to relocate our people and territory back to where we belong in Southwest of Nigeria.”

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