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On Atiku’s Potential Vice President: What Do The Igbos Say? By Ena Ofugara


I have stated that the people who believe in Nigeria the most are Igbos evidenced by their planting roots (buying land, building houses, integrating with the culture etc) wherever, whenever and around the country. Many even take up the names, religion and culture of the owners of the land (Yes. Many Alhaji Musa so and so and many Amina are Igbos)

Many other tribes simply send every kobo made home to their regions and return “home” after their stay in another state or region.

Today again, reading Charles Ogbu (Chei, this guy take on me that Nnamdi Kanu era. Without vitriol, and usual insults, this guy dey push solid counter-arguments then. If I ever dread any rebuttal then, na him own. We share same birthday. The guy sound and solid finish) and Kalu Aja and once again they are sacrificing personal or tribal interest for the “common good” by making arguments for Atiku to pick a Yoruba VP.

For those who seek to know how Atiku was able to repel Tambuwal’s late quest and surge as championed by Wike and Fayose (their right to do), three names come to mind and they are Goodluck Jonathan, James Ibori and Peter Obi. Peter Obi it was that stood and delivered the Igbo votes almost en bloc to Atiku

Peter Obi should be president if Nigeria was a place that rewards intellect, business acumen and excellent past service. Peter Obi it was that without the 13 percent derivation given south south states and without the huge IGR of Lagos state, yet brought progress to his people and left a loaded coffers for his successor.

Peter Obi should be president.

But even the VP that should be his as a no-brainer, many Igbos are willing to sacrifice their rightful heritage and Peter Obi’s sweat for a Yoruba to become VP of Atiku.

The argument adduced is “Igbos and Niger Deltans will support Atiku anyway. Let him fight for Yoruba and Northern votes. If he is able to divide it enough, he wins” The math supports this argument for a candidate that may be well-beaten in the North by Buhari. He cannot afford spanking in the West as well. But that is besides the point.

The point is that these uber-intelligent Igbos have once again shown they are ready to sacrifice for the betterment of Nigeria which removing Buhari indicates.

So again, I am showing this pattern of self-sacrifice, or at least the willingness to by their intelligentsia and peoples as opposed to the narrative that they are the ones who “cannot be trusted.”

Even Awolowo and Ahmadu Bello’s biggest supporters would agree that only Azikiwe qualifies as a true Nationalist as he alone put the interest of the nation ahead of tribal sentiments.

Again, many Igbos show same willingness and patriotic gesture.

Just because some of us opposed Nnamdi Kanu’s call does not mean we are unaware of certain injustices and a lack of fair playing field.

As for me, I leave the very organized Atiku and his team to do their math and make their choices. We are going nowhere. But Atiku should know not to take us for granted. We are his base now.

I just want to put this on record that it is not the Fulanis, Hausas, Niger Deltans, Yorubas or Middle-Belters who always are willing to sacrifice. It is the Igbos. Let this be chronicled and referenced when next an idiot stands and says “Igbos cannot be trusted to rule Nigeria”

Peter Obi and many others are super-qualified.

We have had all parties pick a Yoruba presidential aspirant.

We now have both parties picking a Northern candidate.

When will we have all parties pick an Igbo as their presidential candidate?

Let our national conscience judge us all.

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