On #ENDSARS: Osinbajo speaks to no one… By Ike Uremeh

•Vice President Yemi Osinbajo

A couple of days ago,the Vice President, Prof Yemi Osinbajo, offered an apology on behalf of his Government to Nigerian youths. He apologized for the slow response of Government to the demands of the Nigerian Youths for SARS to be disbanded.

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However, less than 24 hours later, the Minister of Information, Lai Mohammed, issued a threat about what the Government would and wouldn’t take. Infact he practically called what’s going on “anarchy”. He warned that Government wouldn’t sit by and allow this to fester. He coated his big grammar in the normal Government platitudes of high sounding grammar. He didn’t say it, but what we could read from his statement was an attempt at insurrection. You’d say ridiculous!!

Now this is the deal (apologies to former US VP Biden): VP Osinbajo spoke for himself while Lai Mohammed spoke for President Buhari. If Osinbajo doesn’t see this, Nigerians see it.

It has been obvious for long that the VP is more or less an outcast in this Government. To many Nigerians, he is just a “dejure” Vice president while the “defacto” Vice President’s responsibilities have been shared by others. For clarity; dejure means ceremonial while defacto means the real power. Osinbajo is just there for ceremonial events. He can’t do nothing and represents no one but himself. We know when power speaks and he doesn’t belong to the circle.

President Buhari called the Nigerian Youths lazy. He disparaged them with insults. When a President calls his own Youths that name, it’ll be difficult for the same youths to listen to him or believe him. He should do the apologies!!

The SARS and by extension the police only took a big cue from the President. Since the President doesn’t respect Nigerian Youths, why should they? And oh boy, they showed it in quantum…

To them, why should “lazy youths” drive good cars? How could the “lazy youths” live in good houses? How could the “lazy youths” make good money? Making good money is only for the thieves in Government. Why should lazy youths use the latest iPhones? Lazy youths are supposed to be whining in poverty or in jail. Youths can imagine the mindsets of the President and his security apparatchiks. To the youths, these people don’t wish them well..

Someone should tell the VP that if he pretends to see this, people see them. If he doesn’t understand his own position in the scheme of things, people do. Next time he should speak for himself because that’s the way people see his talk..

Only one person should make the apologies. Who? The same person who insulted!!

I hope it remains peaceful and gentle around you… Ewolewoo!!

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