Home Opinion On the January 2022 Haitian delegation to Igboland, By Chidi Osuagwu

On the January 2022 Haitian delegation to Igboland, By Chidi Osuagwu

Some members of the Haitian delegation received in Enugu last week
  1. Jean-Jaques Dessalines, Haitian revolutionary hero, was the man who led Haiti to defeat Emperor Napoleon and France in November 1803 (after 12 years of gruesome fighting…defeating Spain and Britain along the Way). On 1st January 1804 Dessalines proclaimed Haiti independent. 
  2. President Francois Duvalier cited what he called “the Capital Role of the Igbo in the Glorious Epic of 1804” in Haitian recognition of Republic of Biafra…in defiance of Big Power pressure, through U Thant, the United Nations Secretary General then.
  3. The Haitians understand, more than homeland Igbo do, that Igbo persecution in the Homeland, by Western Powers, is tied to the role of what the Haitians call “The Fiery Igbo” played in the Haitian Revolution.
  4. For their heroic role, the Haitians (within a meeting of Nanchons Ginen/Black Africans Nations, identified by name) proclaimed the Igbo Nation as “Ibo Granmoun”…The Great Igbo Nation (Google: Nanchons Nago for Yoruba, Nanchon Hausa and Nanchon Foula for Fulani, etc, and see that all the major Nigerian peoples were there when Igbo were crowned Ijele-of-the-Black-Race. Igbo became so distinguished that Haitians resolved “NOU SE IBO”… We Are Igbo! No matter what Nation one belonged to before, he becomes Igbo. Igbo should be relating to other African peoples, if we know ourselves enough with dignity…aware of the real source of our current travails. It is the British Lion, not local Hyena Tribes. That means, forcefully, pushing back ignorant Harlots-of-Jericho who don’t know what the issues are but pretend to be Igbo leaders. People who see FOOD as the ultimate purpose of life, struggling to get and monopolise Igbo share. 
  5. The role of the Igbo in the Glorious Epic of 1804 happens also to be the foundation of the Whiteman’s fear and hatred of the Igbo. It is the fear of Igbo rallying black race, as in Haiti or American Civil war, that whiteman works ahead, as Lugard recommended in Nigeria, to contain Igbo. It is a DEFENSIVE measure, which will not stop, voluntarily. But the Igbo must overcome to thrive…not as carrion-eating Hyena, but Tiger of the Haitian Revolution…Ibo Granmoun. 
  6. Above is the FORCE Zik ran into with the feared Pan-Africanism…rallying the Black Race. Igbo through Equiano, Haitians, Henry Turner etc, created Pan-Africanist consciousness. The Igbo Edward Blyden gave a name to it. Most of those who blame Zik or Ojukwu for current Igbo plight are plain naive as to the SYSTEMIC WAR ON GRAN IBO. The Igbo problematic is a world problematic. Igbo want to create an OGU/TRUTH-JUSTICE WORLD, which Eurasians find strange. 
  7. What Britain has done in Nigeria is to turn the Igbo situation/reputation UPSIDE DOWN. Instead of IJELE/NNUKWU MMANWU that the Black Race created and adores in Haiti, Igbo are reduced to despised Obere-mmanwu…contrived SAMPSON AT GAZA. If Igbo are so ignorant of the real source of their contemporary problems, no one can blame less distinguished nations that share the Nigerian Berlin State with Igbo. On the other hand Britain has privileged and empowered SLAVE-CATCHER NATIONS and TRIBES as Distinguished Hyenas. These are the people holding power in Nigeria today and tormenting Igbo for the British who, behind the scenes, pump Nigerian oil without meters and chuckle to the Big Banks. “Ihe dị ọkụ g’aju oyi!” 
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