One Must Forget The Existence Of The Buhari’s Administration – Wole Soyinka

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Nigerian playwright, poet and essayist in English language, Prof Wole Soyinka, has stated that he would rather not talk about the Buhari-led administration for the sake of his sanity.

Soyinka said this during a recent interview Kaftan TV, the Nobel Laureate said he would not like talk about Buhari’s government because he imagined the regime doesn’t exist.

He, however, hailed the Lagos-Abeokuta-Ibadan standard gauge train, describing as marvellous and long overdue.

When asked whether the train a plus Buhari’s regime, he said,

don’t want talk about Muhammadu Buhari’s administration. think is best for my sanity just avoid that overall question. can take bits and pieces of Nigeria’s present predicament but think for one’s sense of balance, one forget the existence of the Buhari administration.”

The playwright said for years Nigeria had seen the turn to a trap while rail transport had been neglected.

He said on occasions he had spent over six hours on the road Lagos to Abeokuta.

Speaking highly of the train, Soyinka said, “ is a work in progress but is a very impressive work in progress considering the difficulty of really executing anything in this country… I think we are looking at a virtual transport revolution which is long overdue.”

The Nobel laureate said the rail revival would not only change the people’s mentality but commerce.

He recalled how as a young boy he rode on trains but at some point Nigeria abandoned the rail transport.

“I have spent hours on the road between Lagos and Abeokuta. A few weeks ago at the launching of my novel in Abeokuta, I left Lagos…. The journey took about seven hours,” Soyinka said.

The playwright said the traffic congestion had deteriorated to the extent that women now give birth in traffic and even name children after the cars in which they give birth.

He said the new train marvellous and he glad to ride in it. Soyinka added, “I had an engagement in Lagos which I nearly postponed because of the road but for some time I have been saying wait a minute, this thing (train) is supposed to be running and I checked the timetables and I said if I catch the train in Abeokuta I would be in Lagos in an hour and a half, I would be picked up, run around quickly, do my business and here I am.

“I left Abeokuta this morning, I am going back to Abeokuta to eat my Ilafun (yam/cassava flour) and I am going to sleep in my bed this evening. It is marvellous. That is what one has been doing in Europe. has it taken so long for that to happen here? It is sad but at the same time, let’s be glad it is happening.”