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Open Letter to Nnamdi Kanu


By Immanuel Facebuuk Yeyebrity

As soon as possible, issue an intelligent public relations statement stating the position of IPOB on events so far. Address bereaved families. Condemn the army’s actions in clear and logical terms. Employ sentiments and reason and declare your respect for the judicial process. While you have not been officially declared wanted, reports say there is a manhunt for you. Affirm that you went underground to avoid bloodshed, but that you are ready to submit to the authorities if wanted.

Don’t allow yourself to be arrested and humiliated. Make yourself available for arrest ASAP and dramatize things as safely as you can by getting the media involved. Alternatively, refuse, remain foolishly stubborn and watch your dignity and all you have worked for come to ruins in days.

You have made mistakes in your cause and now is the time to try correcting them.
In your passion to address apparent injustice, you overstepped many times and said all the wrong things. Still you are the bravest Igboman of your generation. Be ahead of your game. Prove yourself worthy of dignity and honour by presenting yourself for arrest. Take the glory from your enemies by denying them the thrill of your arrest. You’ll escape over their dead bodies. They will make a spectacle of your arrest, taunting your followers that you lured them out and hid like a rat. Never mind it was wise to leave and save lives at the time you did. Even for you it’s risky to be hunted for: when they are trying to stick your name on arms intercepted at the ports, the theory will be simple: “We shot him in self-defence.”

In this life, unlike many who came to eat jollof rice, have kids and die, you’ve stood for something bigger than yourself. In a short space of time, Nnamdi you have added to the world’s work, warts and all. Your life has had purpose, right and wrong. Your history is made, now and forever.

Many have stood and died for you. Repay them now! Time has come for everyone to abandon you. The bandwagon of your rejection has just begun—you will soon be standing all alone. You missed a golden chance with the governors due to pride. This is one last chance to salvage your dignity, to stand tall in history and score a moral victory. Seize it right now, submit yourself honorably, or fall to eternal shame!



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