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Operator advises PPMC to ensure effective distribution of kerosene to rural areas


LAGOS – Mr Danjuma Timothy, the Managing Director of  Magnify Petroleum Company in Lagos, on Wednesday advised  the Pipelines and product Marketing Company (PPMC) on effective distribution of kerosene to rural areas.

Timothy told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Lagos that the appeal was necessary because some of the product meant for rural areas were being diverted.

He urged the management of PPMC to ensure that those who desired the product were not denied access to them.

“Kerosene meant for the masses is being diverted to some sectors, especially to the pharmaceutical, aviation, construction and manufacturing sectors.

“It is also known that some are smuggled across the borders.

“Others are mixed with diesel for the purpose of increasing the volume of diesel used for fuelling,’’ he said

Timothy also urged the Federal Government to remove subsidy on kerosene importation.

He said that the removal of the subsidy would enable the government to channel the saved funds to develop needed infrastructure.

He said that marketers were making more money at the expense of the masses.

Timothy said that kerosene could only be purchased at subsidised rate at the mega stations of  Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation.

According to him, some marketers sell  kerosene as high as N150 per litre against the official price of N50.

“The subsidy can be used to produce cylinders in large quantities to make gas available as a substitute to kerosene,’’ he said. (NAN)


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