OrderPaper releases evaluation report on National Assembly members from 6 states

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ABUJA – OrderPaper Nigeria is set to begin the official release of the midterm scorecard of members of the National Assembly.

Michael Olaogun, programme assistant (Legislative Accountability Projects), in a statement sent to Sundiata Post Tuesday, said the release, which would be undertaken in phases, begins on Wednesday, 28 July 2021, with the six states of Abia, Delta, Ekiti, Plateau, Sokoto and Borno.

Olaogun said: “This set of scorecards, which focuses bills sponsorship in the first two years of the Senators and Members of the House of Representatives, reveals interesting and intriguing performance matrix of legislators across the states.

“While some members have no bills sponsored in two years of the four-year tenure, others have impressive turnover of bills. Certain legislators improved their impressive start recorded in the first year analysis while others receded. While eight members of the House of Representatives from Abia put up a cumulative of 119 bills in the period under review, eleven members from Sokoto State had only three bills in same period. A total of 53 members of the House of Representatives; and 18 senators from the six states raise an interesting mix of appraisal as far as sponsorship of bills is concerned.

“The report cards of other states will be released weekly until all states of the country are covered.

“The appraisals are released and hosted the OrderPaper Nigeria website – www.orderpaper.ng – as well as our social media pages @orderpaper Facebook and Twitter and @orderpapertoday on Instagram and YouTube.

“To engender citizen engagement of the data, OrderPaper Nigeria will be hosting a series of broadcast programmes with partner radio and television stations across the country; as well several virtual and physical events to expose citizens and constituents to the performance or otherwise of their lawmakers.

“The appraisals are a result of months of painstaking perusing and analysis of data obtained from the records of the National Assembly; and the outputs typify the best practices of data journalism and ethical compliance required by the pen profession.

“OrderPaper Nigeria, in furtherance of the appraisals, will soon release another set of performance indices based on the progression of bills so far sponsored. This set of data will make eye-popping revelations as well. There will also be appraisals on motions, oversight activities and constituency projects as well.

“The midterm report covers for the first and second legislative years of the 9th National Assembly from June 2019 to May 2021.  It is part of OrderPaper Nigeria’s dedicated effort to promote citizen engagements and deepen democratic practice in Nigeria. The first report card released to mark the first year of the National Assembly in July 2020.

“As we may know, the is one of the strong pillars in any democratic society, which in Nigeria, it is made up of the Senate and House of Representatives with core to formulate policies and carry out oversight functions. The 9th Assembly inaugurated by presidential proclamation on the 11th June 2019.

“OrderPaper Nigeria is the country’s premier, prominent policy think-tank and multi-platform legislative interface. It is a media organisation dedicated to reporting, tracking, analysing and archiving activities of the legislature in the digital age while providing authentic and independently-driven linkages between citizens and representatives in parliament.”