Orthopedist advises parents to encourage children to exercise

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Lagos- An Orthopaedic Consultant, Dr Babalola Olatunji, on Monday advised parents to encourage their children to engage in physical exercise for proper mental and physical development.

Olatunji, who works at National Orthopaedics Hospital, Igbobi, Lagos gave the advice in an with News Agency of Nigeria (NAN).

“Sporting activity is very important in a child; child needs to develop a team spirit; ability to work together with a team; ability to even accept defeat.

“These are things that a growing child, who participates in sporting activities develops.

“Many people get into adulthood and exhibit some behavioural abnormality. See people in politics– you be able to win, when you win and lose when you lose

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we know that most of our children are growing from underfeeding to obesity and over-feeding.

“We need to have this child exercised adequately so that they don’t develop overweight; so that they have optimal weight.

“Look at great sportsmen this country has produced– the Okochas; the Kanus– most of them must have started sporting activities while they were still growing.

“If they had been deprived of such opportunity, some of them may not be the stars Nigeria is celebrating today.

“So, there are many benefits and each parent encourage child to engage in this activity, however, in a controlled environment.“