Oshiomhole’s Fractured Dance, By James Eze

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Adams Oshiomohole’s political career has suffered a nasty fracture. Sadly, that was the prayer of many people. It was about time the pintsize strongman was forced to relieve one of the poignant themes of Chinua Achebe’s ‘Arrow of God’… that no man can win judgment against the clan!

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Sincerely, if it were not that Nigeria is full of surprises, how can a labour leader who has fought different strongmen in government so easily turn himself into a fiendish godfather and assume the unilateral power to choose for the people? Where did he keep what he learned from (Karl) Marx, (Franz) Fanon, (Walter) Rodney or even his own uncle Pa Michael Imoudu? Well…we all know now that Oshiomhole was not a true labour leader. For how does an eagle suddenly become a bat unless he was always one?

Yet the Edo gubernatorial election has shown once again as did Anambra, that Nigerians are steadily becoming weary of tin gods. The only one standing at the moment is the Emperor of Lagos. Now, the trouble with being the Emperor of Lagos is that you suddenly acquire a sky-high ambition and slowly begin to induce rumours about your chances of grabbing Nigeria by the neck and adding her to your list of conquered territories. Will Nigerians allow that? Which people would be happy with a stiffling grip on the throat by one man that Lagosians presently enjoy?

The moral undertow of Oshiomhole’s fractured dance is that Nigerians are tired of godfathers. It does not matter if it is Lagos or Anambra; godfathers should let us breath joor!

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