Osun Election and the Endless Circle of Rigging Between APC and PDP, By Moses Ochonu

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Well, Osun has shown that a student can improve on the techniques of his teacher. I’m a teacher, hence my teacher/student analogy.

When the APC people were in opposition and taking notes on PDP’s rigging techniques, what did some people think they were going to do with those notes if they grabbed power?

Moreover, many of them were members of the PDP who decamped to the APC, bringing with them vast knowledge and experience in the rigging arts. It was predictable that the APC would become the new gold standard of rigging.

I am sure that some members of the opposition have taken notes on and are currently analyzing the events of Ondo, Edo, Ekiti, and now Osun. The 2019 elections will turn rigging from an art to a science.

Future ruling parties are formulating their own techniques for executing the perfect electoral crime devoid of the crudeness of the Osun re-run.

Because there is so much at stake in Nigeria’s winner-takes-all elections, the technology of rigging is going to witness even more perverse innovation in the coming decades if we stick with this destructive ritual we call democracy.

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Whatapp News


Whatapp News