#OsunDecides: Facts to know

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*Gender Distribution of Voter Population: Male – 661,394 (47%); Female – 745,828 (53%). *Valid Number of Registered Voters (post March 2014 CVR) – 1, 407,222. Number of Areas: Wards – 332; Number of Polling Units – 3,010; Number of a Polling Points – 3,379. *Twenty registered nominated candidates for governorship . *There are nine federal constituencies, with component LGAs and 26 State House of Assembly constituencies. *Voting closes for each polling unit when the last person on the queue votes.

[eap_ad_1] *Before voting, there will be a headcount and the number of accredited voters will be announced by the presiding officer to all present. *After voting you may remain at the polling unit until the votes are sorted, counted and the tally announced by the presiding officer. *Anyone at the polling unit without /her voter stands the risk of being arrested by security agents. *It is important to note that anyone without his/her PVC has no business going near the polling unit as he/she will not be a accredited. *Election holds today

*Source: INEC