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Outgoing Philippine leader defends administration’s record


Manila –  The Philippine President, Benigno Aquino, said on Wednesday that he was confident of leaving a better country behind by the time he will step down in June.

He said that despite criticisms that his administration had failed to improve the lives of all Filipinos, that he was sure that his country will appreciate his administration.

Aquino’s six-year term will end on June 30 when his successor, Rodrigo Duterte will be taking oath of office.

“We will seize every opportunity to serve our bosses, the Filipino public”, he said after signing a law aimed at protecting children during disasters.

“On June 30, I will step down from my post, able to look back with my head held high and tell the Filipino people that I was true to you.

“I fulfilled the mandate my bosses gave me”, he said.

The Aquino administration has been credited for implementing reforms that propelled the economy to its strongest growth in decades, improving the country’s international credit rating status and going after corrupt government officials.

However, critics noted that despite the robust economic growth, millions are still living in poverty, while some political allies accused of corruption have not been investigated.

Parts of the country remain plagued by poor public transport, heavy traffic, rising criminality and poor internet access.

Incoming president Duterte has vowed to focus on eradicating crime and corruption, instilling discipline among Filipinos and resolving problems that make daily life hard for the public.

Duterte, the tough-talking mayor of the southern city of Davao, has announced plans to push for a federal form of government, called on Congress to revive the death penalty and ordered police to shoot criminals. (dpa/NAN)

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