Outrage As Nigeria’s New International Passport Carries Photographs of Herdsmen, Cattle

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As the dust raised by the now suspended RUGA Fulani settlements yet to settle, Nigerians have expressed outrage as the new international passport released by the Nigerian Immigrations Service shows photographs of Fulani herders and cattle conspicuously etched on the inside pages.

Nigeria is a multicultural state whose constitution prescribes a secular system. This multiculturalism and secularism is sometimes questioned by the overbearing influence of some ethnic groups over others.

The Fulani cattle herders for example have been a constant feature in the news for years over clashes with farmers as a result of their pastoral lifestyle which encroaches on farmlands.

So for a symbolic national item like the passport to have the same herders on them can easily trigger a lot of reactions as we now see on social media.

According to a source in the Nigeria Immigrations Service that spoke to Sundiata Post on condition of anonymity, the new passport, lemon green in colour was released two weeks ago. Available in 5 years and 10 years validity options. They started with Lagos and Abuja.

Trending picture of Fulani herdman and cattle on the international passport

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