Outrage as Tonto Dike kisses dad

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– Nollywood actress Tonto Dikeh has been dragged for kissing dad on his lips.

The star, who took to media to celebrate her father’ 73rd birthday, enraged social media with a photo of herself, dad and son as she eulogised him.

The picture, which she shared via her Instagram page, showed her kissing her dad on his lips with son, King Andre, standing in-between and he starred at them.

Social media users called out the mother of one.

The actress however defended her action, stating her father is not the typical dad as he grew up in the US and it wasn’t a big deal with him.

She wrote: “My dad grew up in Ohio, married a black American. Came home to rest, not your regular African pops, I must say!!”

Ignoring her explanation, social media users expressed absolute disapproval for her act, noting it’s immoral and wrong on all forms.

They also blamed Tontolet’s father for allowing and engaging her in such a act, considering she is a grown woman.
__brownieeee said: “Kissing African papa on the lips? This is all shades of weird abeg, I’m even surprised he allowed it.”

kikichocolatecake_1 wrote: “Why would you kiss your dad on the lips it’s not like he is your or boyfriend even if he grew up in Ohio it doesn’t matter tf.”

celineekeocha stated: “The Spirit of Error, is in this lady that has made her to be kissing her father and you people are here celebrating evil. End time signals.”

kingmafee said: “A father sexually harassing his adult daughter by kissing her lips, and daughter claim her father grew up in Ohio and that him the right for this dirty behaviour, to whoever cares to hear this won’t happen in America, but if you think so try it.”

dkapitol wrote: “How can you be kissing your dad on the lips, what is wrong is wrong.”

ramatulaishouryahoo.com3 stated: “very very wrong for an adult to kiss your dad like dat.”

anusiemdgood said: “You kissing your Dad… That’s crazy.

mayanlaysheriff wrote: “Must you kiss your father on his lips and not on the cheeks? Awful to me. Anyway, it’s your life…”

yapilee18 stated: “Be like say this one crazy, you kiss your dad mouth to mouth. You be mumu. Ohio kiss you there.”

iam_lindylinda said: “Sorry to your son that have to watch that scene.”

meg.onuoha.1 wrote: “Totally unacceptable, it is weird sweetie! Perk or hug could’ve been decent. We are in Active even the western world can’t do this, too irritating even the little boy is in shock!!”(Nation)