Home News Outrage as University students hail music star Oxlade over leaked sex tape 

Outrage as University students hail music star Oxlade over leaked sex tape 

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The jubilation accompanied with praises of singer Oxlade by some University of Lagos students over his leaked nude pictures and s3x tape have been greeted with mixed reactions.

According to The video, which has been circulating all over the internet, saw the ‘Ojuju’singer in series of scenes including where he was having sex with an unknown lady.

Also seen in the video were nude mirror selfies and one of him smashing a lady’s behind.

Although Oxlade and his team are yet to make an official statement, social media users have continued to react to the clip.

Following the leaked obscene clip, a video of UNILAG students jumping around with much excitement and hailing the singer has also emerged.

In the video, which was recorded in the male hostel, the students could be heard chanting ‘Oxlade’ as they continue to hail his ‘s3xual prowess.

This act caused many social media users to query the morality of contemporary youths.

While some simply commented on Oxlade performance as displayed in the leaked clip, others noted it is a man’s world which is why Oxlade can be celebrated for same act which earned Tiwa Savage condemnation.

kxngrivo stated: “Societal decadence… if it’s not about preeq and Toto it doesn’t interest these youths.”

kunlereal asked: “Didn’t people drag Tiwaaa for d same thing???”

mr.commonsense_ said: “Forget this generation, it is finished. Let’s see if the next one can get it right.”

chocolate_secret1 wrote: “It’s a man’s world really. If this was a female celebrity they would have been bashing her and raining insults on her.

__sweet_annie stated: “It’s the world we live in. They glorify a man for this and crucify a lady for same thing! Too bad.”

rotimistyles wrote: “If this generation is this messed up I pity the next generation. Parents no longer teach their kids moral values anymore and that’s where we lost it.”

rich___king said: “People now celebrate negative things more than positive things.”

thenneka quizzed: “It’s a man’s world, innit?”

paschalpepper stated: “Omo that guy get many talent. If say music no work before he still get other option.”

_uche_umeh wrote: “See humans beings when it was just tiwa’s face people insulted her now we are hailing oxlade for seeing his whole genitals… mttttcchheewww.”

twisty_viral tweeted: “I too like this country but Oxlade good. The girl asked why did you stop??”

pweetyvivian said: “Because na man Una Dey hail am, if na female celebrity now – insults everywhere.”

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