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Ovularia speaks, says ‘I’m not dead’ •Laments that Nigeria has abandoned her


Lizzy Ovueme

Rumours of the death of Lizzy Evoeme broke out on Wednesday, November 6, 2019 (yesterday). Since then, the internet, particularly the social media including some online publications, have been awash with the story. 

News Express spoke with the Ikeduru, Imo State born widow veteran actress who played the submissive wife of Chief Zebrudaya (played by Chika Okpala) known as Ovularia in the popular sitcom The New Masquerade which was a household name in the 80s and into the 90s. Excerpts:  

 Hello, am I on to Madam Lizzy?

Please may I know who is calling? 

My name is Sunny Okim, I am calling on behalf of News Express.

 Oh, Sunny. The Grandmaster! 

Yes ma. I am very happy you are still talking, which means you are still alive and kicking.

My brother, I am alive. I am not yet dead. I don’t know how someone would just wake up and start spreading such evil news about a fellow human being. 

 I can imagine how traumatic it has been with you and your family

  Yes, it has been very traumatic since that yesterday when the story broke out. I am in Port Harcourt and my daughter who works here had to hurry back from her office when she read the news. She refused to go back to work even when she saw me alive. My niece who is a teacher also had to call me on phone to know what was happening. A lot of  family members have been calling and unfortunately my phone battery died at a point, they could not reach me, and they just believed the story as true. 

But what could have generated such a story? Were you sick?

 I was not sick. The only thing is that I am old now, and we all know the little, little pains that come with old age. Is that why somebody would just say I am dead? 

Has the Nigerian Television Authority (NTA) which you and your crew served for many years called to find out if you’re still alive? 

Lizzy:  The television people have abandoned me. If not, why don’t they think it wise to come, take my picture, interview me and tell the world that I am alive? It is frustrating to discover that everyone has abandoned me only to remember me with this kind of story. I have not been myself since yesterday. My immediate family is so depressed right now because of that story. 

We would rather counsel that you take it as one of those things that happen to a celebrity. Nobody would have said any such thing about you if you didn’t have a name. 

 You may be right. Thank you very much. I forgive them all.  (News Express)

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