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Owerri 112: Why Are These Igbo Lawyers Wasting Their Time? By Jimanze Ego-Alowes


Why are these Igbo lawyers wasting their and everybody’s time?

Why are all these Igbo big law services traders so funny they are laughable?

They should be at Owerri defending the integrity of innocent and hapless Igbo women being put in jail for nothing.

Rather than that they are fighting over NBA presidency. Perhaps they want to lead NBA or Nigeria after all Igbo have been humiliated and killed? The first law is that of self preservation not that of being made Caesar of your trade lines or whatever.

What are they going to do with NBA Presidency, when the more urgent task is showing up in defense of the abused, their own that are abused?

If you asked me I did say let the devil win the NBA and other Nigerian presidencies rather have an Igbo. This is so since the Igbo won’t guard that which is his own. He wants to be federal and yet nobody admits him to so being. And why do they not admit him to be federal? Because they know he lacks autonomous identity. He has to prove himself by defining his essence by others. By now they should be in the forefront of calling for decentralization of NBA.

And one may ask: Didn’t their parents tell them or since they have become adults won’t they tell themselves onye ajuru anahu aju onwe ya. And ana esi na ulo mara nma aputa ama.

And lest we forget then this. Of course law is a profession. And politics is existential. That is politics come before law. We have to be political first before we turn up legal. This is an iron lore. Try to bend it and you perish. All else is in humor. Ahiazuwa.


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