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Paralympic committee announces new rule on boosting


Lagos – The International Paralympic Committee (IPC) has announced a new rule to check “boosting” in Paralympic sports.
Insidethegames, an online publication said on Wednesday said that the IPC governing board agreed to the new rule, giving it immediate effect to become law
Boosting is a banned performance enhancing practice where athletes with cervical or high thoracic spinal injury try to increase their heart rate by voluntarily inducing autonomic dysreflexia.
According to the publication, boosting is achieved by creating painful stimuli in the lower part of the body using electric shocks, tightening of leg straps and even breaking bones.
It explained that squeezing of the scrotum had also been reported as a boosting technique for male athletes as well as filling up of the bladder.
The publication said that an eight-year study into autonomic dysreflexia, which pumps the body with adrenaline, was carried out by the IPC Medical Committee.
It said that the committee used data collected from nearly 160 athletes.
The publication said that the IPC Medical and Scientific Director, Peter Van de Vliet, stated that it was the IPC’s duty to protect the health of athletes and integrity of the sport.
“Competing in a dysreflexic state, whether induced unintentionally or deliberately is hazardous to the health of athletes and can lead to stroke or heart attack.
“The revised threshold of 160mmHg from 180mmHg is the result of an eight-year study and will decrease the risk of an athlete competing in a dysreflexic state.’’
It said that the IPC had written to all member countries to inform them of the new rule. (NAN)

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