Parents charged with ‘ stealing education’ for their 8 year old daughter

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The government is cracking down on who misrepresent themselves so they can send children to better schools for a better . Hamlet Garcia and his wife were facing 7 years behind bars for “theft of services” after “stealing” a year of for daughter. Odd News Blog reports:

Garcia came to the States from Cuba, and he was hoping to give himself and his family the to achieve dreams. However, he found himself facing seven years prison.  Garcia of Pennsylvania, wanted to give his eight-year-old daughter the best possible . Garcia claimed on government documents that his daughter lived with her grandmother a different school district, as he and his wife Olesia were separated.

This allowed her to attend a school Lower Moreland rather at a struggling school northwest Philadelphia.
The District Attorney’s Office said that it does believe that Hamlet and his wife were separated, and charged the family with theft of services for the theft of a year of .

Many school districts charge penalties for falsifying documents to prove residence. Some schools encourage to expose children who live outside the district, providing anonymous tip lines or even rewards. Garcia ended avoiding jail after agreeing to a plea deal with prosecutors. He was ordered to pay nearly $11,000 after paying about $70,000 legal fees.