Paris police ban protests at U.S. Embassy, citing health restrictions

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Paris – Paris police have banned two protests they said were planned for outside the U.. Embassy on Saturday.

Police cited coronavirus restrictions that ban gatherings of more than 10 people, as well as the risk of disorder. They gave no further details about the banned protests.

Several thousand Facebook users have said they are “interested” in an anti-racist protest at the embassy on Saturday linked to the by U.S. police of African-American man George Floyd.

Some 20,000 people – according to police estimates – braved a ban to attend a protest in Paris on Tuesday called by the family of Adama Traore, a black man who died in disputed circumstances in 2016 after his arrest by gendarmes in a town of the capital.

The protest was overwhelmingly peaceful despite the ban, but some confrontations took place towards the end and police made 18 arrests.

France has seen renewed in recent about alleged police racism, notably a series of alleged acts of police in poor suburbs during the recent coronavirus lockdown.