Paucity of funds bane of stage plays, says National Troupe boss

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LAGOS – The Director-General, National Troupe of Nigeria (NTN), Martin Adaji, on Wednesday said that paucity of was militating against the development of stage plays.
Adaji told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) Lagos that lack of had been discouraging many actors from participating stage acting.
The situation, he said, had reduced the frequency at which they were put on stage.
“We corporate sponsorship to revive stage plays so that their fans be able to watch them as often as they would have loved to,” he said.
Adaji said that artistes had been sending out proposals to corporate bodies and philanthropists to sponsor stage plays but we had been receiving little or to that effect.
“To put up one and a half hours of stage play cost not less than N1 million because you have to consider costumes, stage setting and lightning, pay artistes’ fees and accommodate and feed them,” he said.
Adaji said that the government could not shoulder all those financial responsibilities alone as it had other sectors to develop.
He commended the Minister of Culture, and National Orientation, Edem Duke, for trying to see that stage plays were restored the face of other contingencies.
“We really the arts sector more than any other sector because that is where you bring about changes into the society through creativity.
“Through stage plays, our cultures and music be better showcased to the rest of the world for them to appreciate what we have and are made of.
“It is through our cultures and music that our potential can be promoted and this will also fetch us huge exchange,” he said.
He stressed that also would boost the country’ image because our plays can be staged hotels to entertain the lodgers.
“People can display and sell artworks from Nigeria thus showcasing our culture, traditions and music.
“We travel overseas to showcase these indigenous plays when we are invited, it shows that it is an important tool to on our image both at home and abroad.
“It will also fetch the practitioners money as these stage plays serve as their sources of income,’’ he said.
He advised stakeholders to contribute to the elevation of stage plays because of their many advantages. (NAN)