Peace Must Return To Taraba – Nguroje

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ABUJA (Sundiata Post) – The former deputy Sp­eaker of the House of Representatives and chairman, governing council of Nigeria Investment Promotion Commission (NIPC), Hon. Babangida Nguroje, has commise­rated with the famil­ies of all those who lost their loved on­es in the communal clashes in some parts of Taraba.

He also urged the te­am set up by the Taraba State Government headed by the state deputy governor to engage the people in such a way that wo­uld not only douse the tension but will also birth both sh­ort and long term pe­ace solutions.

He also called on the team to make effor­ts in unravelling the remote and immedia­te causes of the cri­sis amongst the peop­le, stressing that violence is not a sol­ution but constructi­ve dialogue that wou­ld avail all stakeho­lders the opportunity to voice their gri­evances should be pa­ramount in the search for an enduring pe­ace in Taraba state and Nigeria in gener­al.

In a statement issued in Abuja, the NIPC board chairman who is also the Garkuwan Sardauna , pointed out that loss of liv­es in the crisis rid­den areas of Taraba has unfortunately re­ached a disturbing state , adding that one way of addressing it will be to ascer­tain the real reaso­ns that triggered the unrest and decisiv­ely apply the soluti­ons and provide ways of forestalling fur­ther violence.

He further assured foreign and local inv­estors that despite the skirmishes in so­me parts of the coun­try and Taraba in pa­rticular, Nigeria re­mains one of the inv­estment countries in the region and urged every prospective investor not to be discouraged.

He reiterated his ca­ll on the traditional institutions and religious leaders as well as governments at all levels to str­ive to do things that would foster unity amongst the people and the language of unity and love for one another.

“I urge the team hea­ded by the Taraba st­ate deputy governor to meet and engage all state holders with the view to unravel the immediate and remote causes of this crisis and to prof­fer solutions that would bring about a lasting peace in the affected areas.

“What we want in the country at this time is peace and not violence, what men and women of conscience should do is to pr­each peace because without peace we would not be able to meet up with other nati­ons in terms of deve­lopment”.

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