People with asthma, diabetes, hypertension, can still engage in sport — Expert

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  – Mr Brown Ochor, a sport medicine officer National Sports Commission, says people challenges such as asthma, diabetes and hypertension can engage in sport.

Ochor made this known in an News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in on Wednesday.

He said challenges should deter anyone from engaging in sport.


“That you are sick does mean that you cannot engage in sport.

“You can be asthmatic and play sport; you can be a diabetic and play sport.

“You can be hypertensive and play sport, but you have comply with prescription you have been given.

“That you are sick does mean (anything), unless if you are paralysed as such that you cannot move.“


Ochor advised athletes always go for regular check-up know their status.

“We do seminars once in a while educate these athletes so that they will know the importance of checkups.

“This will also build their confidence and make them to perform better in sport, which will eventually earn them what they have set out to achieve in life.“

The officer, however, identified ignorance, poverty, and cultural beliefs as some of the challenges athletes faced especially in their injuries or conditions. (NAN)