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PEPC washes Tinubu clean off U.S. $460,000 drug money forfeiture, certificate forgery


President Bola Tinubu

ABUJA – The Presidential Election Petitions Tribunal has ruled that President Bola Tinubu cannot be disqualified on the basis of his alleged forfeiture of drug money in the United States.

The court in the ongoing judgment being delivered in Abuja today, asserted that Tinubu had previously been cleared by the Nigeria Police Force of any criminal issues in the United States. This clearance resulted from an inquiry conducted by the Nigerian police with the U.S. law enforcement agencies.

Furthermore, the court pointed out that Tinubu has been able to enter and exit the United States without any legal impediments, indicating that he does not have an active criminal case in the country.

The tribunal also addressed the issue of Tinubu’s academic record from Chicago State University and the US embassy’s letter to the Nigerian police, which cleared him of any criminal record in the United States. In this regard, the court dismissed objections raised by Mr. Obi regarding the admissibility of these documents.

The petitioners had contended that Tinubu forfeited $460,000 in the US following an indictment over drug trafficking.

According to the tribunal, the evidence (Exhibit P5) tendered by the petitioners shows that it was a civil forfeiture proceeding.

Justice Tsammani held that the petitioners failed to adduce credible evidence to show that Tinubu was arraigned, took a plea or was sentenced or fined in any criminal suit in the US.

According to the tribunal, civil forfeiture is not a conviction or a criminal charge.

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