Peter Okoye: I’m more successful now

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Peter Okoye the defunct P-Square fame is angry over ill wishes from perceived enemies over the last few months.

Okoye, who is widely referred to as Mr P, registered his anger because he alleged that a lot of people are wishing him ill especially when he contracted the virus. He said this in a chat with On-Air-Personality, Daddy Freeze.

Mr P said he got a lot of negative comments to the extent that a lady said he ought to have died for her to believe he contracted the dreaded disease.

“I can brag very well. I longer care about people. I am more successful now than ever before. Most people do not even know I own some of the business they patronize. Some even asked why I did not go to the clinic? I can afford to call any anywhere in the world to come to attend to me. I simply isolated myself. I am currently putting up a building and I will build a clinic inside it,” he said.

Mr P also threw shades at cynics who prophesied doom in his marriage to Lola Omotayo-Okoye.

“Most people think my marriage will not last. Officially I’m married for five years but I and my wife have known each other for the past 16 years. And she is more successful than me. I will brag. I have crossed the border. My grand and great-grandchildren can never be poor. Some accuse me of having an Igbotic accent. I don’t know which accent they want me to have. They accused me of doing baba Ijebu, I am taking care of so many children I don’t even know. I don’t care anymore.”

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