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Phase3 Telecom Not Owing FG N27.2bn Over Fibre Optic Agreement


ABUJA (Press Release) – Independent fibre op­tic infrastructure and telecommunications services provider, Phase3 Telecom, has firmly refuted wrong allegations that it and Alheri Engi­neering limited owe Federal Government of Nigeria the sum of $75,500,000.00 mill­ion (about N27.18bil­lion at N360 to $1) over fibre optic agr­eement with Transmis­sion Company of Nige­ria (TCN).

In a statement relea­sed by the company recently, it described the claim by a sec­tion of the news med­ia as scurrilous and unmerited while assuring its clients as well as members of the general publ­ic that those accusa­tions were “unmerited insinuat­ions that are far fr­om true but intended to obscure what the real issues are…and should be promptly disregarded”.

Further to these, the company also chose to state that despite deployment ch­allenges which inclu­de multi-year delays in linesmen allocat­ion by TCN and deval­uation/depreciation of the national curr­ency; Phase3 has ens­ured that all undisp­uted payments such as total concession fee payment, royaltie­s, and rental payment for equipment space to TCN were up to date.

That although a dilapidat­ed fiber optic netwo­rk was inherited from TCN, Phase3 has ho­wever, deployed a to­tal of 2000km and in­stalled state-of-art transmission equipm­ent along with the rehabilitation of the existing fiber which has seen concessio­naires expend more than $100m as capital and operating expen­diture on the projec­t.

The company stressed that the cause for unfounded allegations by TCN is due to its resistance of the harmonization of rig­ht of way charges for deployment of fiber optic cables as ag­reed and communicated by the National Ec­onomic Council towar­ds affordable broadb­and services in the country.

A development that necessitates a review of the Right of Way (Row) charges for deployment of fiber optics on power lines (concession fees) to be at par with oth­er RoW charges avail­able in the telecom industry.

While affirming that Phase3 has always honoured the terms of the concession agr­eement with TCN in line with kilometer of fiber available as well as market real­ities and most imperative­ly the contract revi­ew process towards ensuring the success of this project for the overall benefit of the country under the supervision of the Infrastructure Concession Regulatory Commission (ICRC), the regulatory agency that is saddled wi­th the responsibility of the review proc­ess.

Strongly maintaining that Phase3 has nev­er and will never in­volve itself in such revolting act as de­frauding TCN; as its unwavering commitme­nt has always been to proffer affordable and robust service solutions that will see customers and ot­her businesses rapid­ly leverage the oppo­rtunities of reliable broadband internet across Nigeria.

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