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Philippine president-elect pledges to push for three-child policy


Manila  –  Philippine President-elect Rodrigo Duterte on Monday said he would push for a three-child policy to address the ballooning population.

Duterte, in a speech during his attendance in his last flag-raising ceremony as mayor of Davao City, said his administration would revive the family planning policy.

Meanwhile it was openly supported by the administration of then President Fidel Ramos in spite of a strong opposition by the Catholic Church.

“I will reinstall the programme of family planning.

“One, two, three children, that is enough,’’ he said, adding that the country’s population, which has reached 100 million, is no longer realistic.

Duterte said social workers must be proactive and they better shape up in implementing the programme.

The 71-year old incoming president said he was ready to face the Church.

Report says the Philippines are 80 per cent Catholic.

The Church has been opposing the use of artificial family planning and pushing for natural ways.

Duterte would assume the presidency on June 30 after receiving landslide votes in the May 9 elections. (Xinhua/NAN)

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