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Poem: Her Ashes Became Stars, By Okezue Bell


She walked the streets of Lagos,

A shadow of her former self,

Her spirit broken, her soul scarred,

Trapped in a life of poverty and unfurled wealth.

Her childhood, a distant memory,

A blur of days and nights,

Of endless labour and forced servitude,

And no chance for education or rights.

But deep inside her, a spark still glimmered,

Like a diamond in the rough,

A dream of something better,

A hope that refused to be snuffed.

Like a caged bird, she sang her song,

A symphony of longing and desire,

A melody of the heart,

A tune that set her soul on fire.

With every step she took,

She chiseled away at her chains,

She rose like a phoenix from the ashes,

Reborn and ready for the pains.

She fought for her right to learn,

For a chance to reach for the stars,

And as she climbed the ladder of success,

She left her past behind and its bars.

She ventured into the unknown,

With a compass of hope and a map of ambition,

Through the storms and seas of life,

She navigated with precision.

A beacon of hope, a shining star,

A woman in Nigeria, no longer broken and beaten,

She’s a masterpiece of resilience,

A work of art, unique and divinely written.

Like a warrior, she stood her ground,

With a sword of knowledge and shield of strength,

And wrote her own story,

With the ink of courage and a pen of hope,

A tale of triumph, forever to be told in length.

And now, as she stands tall and proud,

A queen in her own right,

She radiates a light that will never die out,

A source of inspiration, that will shine bright.

About the Author

Hi, my name is Okezue Bell, and I am a social technologist and activist with interests in computer science, applied math, and bioengineering. I run a social and financial equity startup called Fidutam and am heavily engaged in the sustainability industry. Feel free to comment on this article or message me if you have questions, and leave claps if you enjoyed it! Check out my Wikipedia and follow me on Instagram!

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— Okezue

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