Police evacuate last big migrants’ tent in Paris

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Paris – Police in Paris on Tuesday evacuated the last big migrants’ tent in the capital, an official said.
The operation came after several previous clearances over recent months that have seen more than 3,000 migrants brought to temporary accommodation.
Regional authorities said 427 people were accommodated after Tuesday’s evacuation.
Migrants’ tent camps have repeatedly sprung up around northern Paris in recent years, especially since a large informal camp in the English Channel town Calais dismantled in 2016.
Police said that they had so far carried out dozens evacuations since November, and were determined to stop the Paris camps being re-established, as previously the case.
The inhabitants the camps include: asylum-seekers, migrants refused asylum in other European countries, and refugees who had been granted asylum in but unable to find housing.
The Paris Socialist Mayor, Anne Hidalgo, who running for re-election in March, had repeatedly accused President Emmanuel Macron’s centrist government not fulfilling its responsibility to provide housing for asylum seekers and refugees.