Police Update On Female NYSC Member Who Stabbed Boyfriend to Death In Akwa Ibom

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The police in has reacted to the of a young man by his alleged female lover.

The State Police Officer, Odiko Ogbeche-Macdon while speaking on the matter, said an investigation has commenced into .

He identified the suspect as Princess Odume, a member of the in the state.

Odume arrested on after she allegedly hacked her male friend to death with a machete.

Ogbeche-Macdon, who confirmed the incident to SaharaReporters, said the culprit had been arrested and the police had begun investigating the issue.

He said, “The police are investigating. The police have her in custody, she committed the act, but as I speak, an investigation is ongoing as to how and why she did .”

The young woman, who is said to be a graduate of the of Nigeria, Nsukka, Enugu State, stripped naked and humiliated by neighbours of the deceased who caught her trying to jump the fence with the cutlass.

According to an eyewitness account, Odume caught on Sunday at Abak Road after neighbours saw the corpse of the yet-to-be-identified man lying in a pool of blood with several cuts on his body.

A user, who was at the scene of the incident, posted on his timeline: “She was accused of a young guy early this morning at Abak Road. I saw a large crowd gathered at Abak Road by Afaha Offot, so I ran there. Lo and behold, this young lady was being beaten and stripped naked.

“She was found this morning around 9.30 am trying to jump the fence of a young guy she went for hook-up with. Bloodstains were all her, so she was caught and beaten to stupor and also stripped naked. (I won’t be able to post the on my timeline because ’s so disgusting).

“She macheted a young guy to death ( a young man with a machete) this morning whom she went out with. She the young guy instantly after several cuts on his stomach and face, but she was caught while trying to jump a fence.

“Some bike (commercial motorcyclists) there said she used to send them (to her) weed always, ever since she was deployed to for her NYSC ().”

The police duly arrested Odume for further interrogation.