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Poor Network Services and Zero Consumer Protection in Nigeria


By Ugo Egbujo

ABUJA (Sundiata Post) Now it’s been corroborated.

Etisalat data is swift. But it runs like an open tap. Something must have been configured criminally. How you can do same work with two different networks and consume more data on one baffles me.

I thought I was a novice. Now others are complaining too

Glo literally gives away data. You can fill your house with just 5000 naira data. But Glo is a locomotive train. Someone called it a pregnant snail. If you have high blood pressure; If you have the temper of a high tension cable; If you depend on google to remember your mother in law’s name; then leave Glo and their abundance of useless data. One day Glo will tell the world why it wastes billions advertising a useless awoof.

I was with Airtel for data till late 2015. They lost coverage in my bedroom. I lost my patience and ported. Their data speed wasn’t good for watching videos. But their data didn’t evaporate like etisalat’s. I guess Airtel suffered the fate of first wives in my polygamous telecoms hands. I left dour dependability for fascination.

MTN is opportunism. When it does a little promo everything crashes. MTN never parts with nothing for nothing. MTN gives with the left hand and takes with the right. It plays catch up on price slashes. But plays leader in surreptitious deductions on clandestine subscriptions.

You are done with a call. And a prompt emerges from no where. You want to clear it. Only an Ok button is highlighted. You don’t read the prompt. You click Ok. And continue frolicking with your phone.

2 days later you receive a message. N50 naira has been deducted . You are thanked for joining Ogboni!

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