Pope urges Europe to be an open, multicultural society

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City  – Pope Francis has called on Europe to be an open and multicultural by welcoming refugees and helping young people to start families, while offering them job opportunities.

He made call on during an acceptance speech in Vatican City for the Charlemagne Prize.

Pope stressed the need for Europe to respect the foreigner, immigrant and people from different cultures as worthy of being listened to.

He said there was need to follow moral obligation of building a new system with dignified and well-paying jobs, especially for our young people.

Francis, who recalled founding fathers of the European Union such as Robert Schuman and Alcide De Gasperi, noted that
“their vision inspired to build bridges and tear down walls.

“I dream of a Europe where being a migrant is not a crime but a summon to greater commitment on behalf of dignity of every being.” (dpa/NAN)